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Child Care Action Council's Family Services Fundraiser

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Through their Community Partnership Program, Harlequin Productions has generously opened its final dress rehearsal of the play I am My Own Wife to the Child Care Action Council to use as a fundraiser for our family services programs. We have 100 seats to fill, so get your tickets now!

The intention of Harlequin Production's Community Partnership Program is to provide a win-win for the non-profit partner and Harlequin Productions. The non-profit partner gets an opportunity to raise money or to thank their generous donors or dedicated volunteers. In return, Harlequin’s cast and crew benefit greatly by having an audience for their final dress rehearsal.

Play information:

I am My Own Wife

Tickets purchased through this fundraiser are for the “final dress rehearsal” and not a regular performance. The audience will have the exciting experience of participating in the final steps that a cast makes toward its performance run. Prior to this final rehearsal, the cast will have only worked in front of the production staff and is now ready to be given a sense of audience response. The final dress audience provides that energy required to launch the show and give crucial experience to the cast and crew. In turn, the final dress audience enjoys a sneak peek into the process that goes into Real. Live. Theater.

For mature audiences

Wednesday, Jan. 17th, 2018 @ 8:00PM

Must purchase by Jan. 16th! Tickets are going fast so please get your tickets now!

If you wish to pay by cash or check, please drop off payment at our Olympia office, located at:

3729 Griffin Lane SE
Olympia, WA 98501

Suggested donation per ticket: $15-$50