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Raising A Reader: Early Literacy Program

Raising A Reader works to substantially increase the number of families who read 
with their children frequently and routinely, every week. 

About Raising A Reader

Raising A Reader is an evidence-based early literacy program that helps families of young children (birth through age five) develop, practice, and maintain habits of reading together at home. 
Our core program model, which both increases access to books and offers support for strengthening the culture of reading at home, is driven by 25 years of research that show the most significant factor impacting a child’s academic success is being regularly read to by a parent or other primary adult caregiver before starting kindergarten.

How Raising A Reader Works

Raising A Reader is a child-driven program that encompasses early childhood educators, parents, and librarians in a coordinated “read-aloud” effort utilizing the following:
The child drives the process:
Children’s excitement motivates the parents.
Program is turnkey:
Designed for easy implementation across diverse settings.
Early childhood professionals are trained in Raising A Reader methodology.
Parent engagement:
Parents learn how to effectively engage in read-aloud techniques.
Life-long love of reading:
Families are introduced to libraries, so that read-aloud behavior is sustained.

Reading to your child matters!

Did you know that if you read to your child from birth, just 20 minutes a day, they accumulate about 600 hours of essential pre-literacy preparation before entering school. Not to mention, the hundreds of hours of family bonding time between you and your children! 

Bring Raising A Reader to your classroom

If you are interested in bringing the Raising A Reader program to your classroom, please contact Melissa Sampson at or call 360-786-8907 x146.