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Visions for Early Learning is the West Central Regional Coalition serving Grays Harbor, Lewis, Mason, North Pacific and Thurston counties.  

It's mission is to promote partnerships and community connections that support early learning.  

It's Board is made up of stakeholders from various organizations, agencies and a variety of educational disciplines.

The Olympic-Kitsap Peninsulas 
Early Learning Coalition
was formed in 2007 
to help our communities and respond
to the growing research on the importance of the early years
in a child's life. We are dedicated to raising public
awareness and support for early care and education of children
and to expanding early learning services for families in Clallam,
Jefferson, Kitsap, and North Mason Counties
in the state of Washington.

We Value...

-The Success of the Whole Child
-Universal Access to Quality Early Learning
-Programs, Services and Supports for Children and Families
-The Power of Working Together
-Parents/Guardians as Child's First Teacher

The Coalition represents nonprofit agencies, businesses, schools,
libraries, government organizations, tribal nations, child care providers
and the community at large. We currently meet monthly via
GoToMeeting and quarterly at alternating locations across the region.

Our Principles...

We work together to achieve greater outcomes for children.
We communicate openly, with respect for one another and welcome other's opinions and views.  
We acknowledge differences of opinions and work together on conflict resolution.
We strive to reflect our diverse communities within our the coalition's membership, services and activities.
Self-Assessment and  Accountability
We utilize evidence-based research to assess community needs and design programs.
Fair Allocation of Resources
We utilize community assessments to allocate resources within the region.

Principles of OKPELC...

We are child and family focused.
We address early childhood development, including social
and emotional development, early care and education,
parenting information and support, and physical health.

We advocate for high-quality, research
based services for young children and their families.
We focus first on young children at greatest
risk of poor outcomes to equalize future opportunities.
We advocate for building upon existing
ervices to create a system supporting strong
local solutions and partnerships.
We commit to work together to engage tribal
nations, state and local policy makers
and others to advance early learning priorities.

To go to their website, PLEASE CLICK HERE!To go to their website, PLEASE CLICK HERE!